• Rose petal powder-rosa centifolia

Rose petal powder-rosa centifolia

We have come across a distinct variety of roses in every corner of the world from then and now. Just a glimpse of it fills us with an utter sense of beauty, peace, and joy. Well, roses are not just a matter of their beauty and appearance; instead, they have many beneficial factors found from the petals of the roses. Rose petals are pink leaflets that possess many vitamins in themselves. The rose petals are made to dry initially, and later they are smashed crushed to make the natural rose petals powder enriched with vitamin and, of course, its charismatic aroma. Not just the petals but even the oil and rose water are brought into use to enrich human hair and skin. Three rose materials, oil, water, and powder, benefit the skin and hair. The petals are converted into the form of rose petals paste and can be used in a way one wishes to as per their need.

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Description : 

  • Rose petals hold an anti-inflammatory and cooling character. Therefore, they can be applied in case of skin burns anywhere; the petals paste will act as a natural cooling agent and help heal the burn. 

  • The petals help make the skin fit and compact by tightening it as required, this helps in a way that avoids the occurrence of wrinkles and skin aging, and of course, the skin seems way more healthy and young. It also reduces the dark circles and also makes the skin tone even. 

  • It often happens that because of the excessive sweat or gap between another bathing, the hair gets terrible and smells bad too. In cases like this, it's suggested to use rose petal powder and paste on the scalp and apply it well for long; doing this will erase the smell, and in fact, it'll smell good and make you feel better. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

  1. Is rose powder anti-bacterial too? 

Of course, it is. Rose powder is a cooling agent, and it soothes the inflammation regions. It also acts as an anti-bacterial and a cleanser as it removes the dirt-causing bacteria on the face and hair and replaces the stink and sweat with a pleasant smell and freshness. 

  1. Can rose petals make the skin dry as it tightens skin? 

No, that's the best part about it. Rose petals tend to tighten the skin and make it wrinkle-free and control excess oil, and yet there's no hint of dryness seen. 

  1. Is rose powder a natural exfoliator? 

Rose powder is a 100% natural exfoliator and cleanser. 

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