• Noni extract- morinda citrifolia

Noni extract- morinda citrifolia

A superfood that keeps you healthy

Morinda Citrifolia, called Noni extract from Herbanic India, is a 100% natural and organic formulation that combines the benefits of Noni tree. Ayurveda recognises the same as an effective treatment for digestive issues, diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, etc. It is also noted for its antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, immune enhancement, analgesic, and hypotensive uses by traditional Polynesian medicine.
Herbanic India Noni extract also reduces cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The extract is procured from a lumpy mango-like fruit.

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Description of Herbanic India's Noni Extract

  • Herbanic India's Noni extract is designed to offer the maximum benefits of Noni fruit. It is packed with antioxidants like iridoids, etc.
  • It also has Vitamins C, A, and chemicals that aid in the repair of damaged cells in the body.
  • The formula is known to prevent cancer, manage high blood pressure, ageing, diabetes, etc.
  • Herbanic India's potent Noni extract boosts endurance, relieves pain, overcomes cellular damage, etc. It also controls damage due to tobacco smoke.
  • The awesome antioxidants help to control free radicals. It also offers high-level of phytochemicals like -
  • Flavonoids,
  • Lignans,
  • Anthraquinones,
  • Coumarins
  • Sterols
  • Fatty acids
  • Polysaccharides, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is noni extract recommended for?
Noni extract may improve joint health, physical endurance, immune system function, weight loss, etc. It also helps to maintain bone health, normal blood pressure, gum health, and increase antioxidant activity
The vitamins strengthen your immune system, improve circulation and promote healthy hair and scalp. It also counters hair loss.
When applied to the face and neck, it gives a firmer appearance while reducing the redness of acne.

Can Herbanic India's Noni extract aid in sports?
Herbanic India's all-natural powder is made to modulate the immune system, increase antioxidative activity and augment the immune system outcomes. 
It also boosts athletic performance and endurance by - 

  • Increasing the time required to get tired
  • Decreasing oxidative damage to the muscles
  • Supporting weight loss

Can Herbanic India's Noni extract aid in weight loss?
The supplement aids in weight management and weight loss by - 

  • Increasing ghrelin levels helps you to feel full
  • Prevents weight gain
  • Decreasing  visceral fat
  • Decreasing weight, blood fat
  • Improving markers of metabolic health like insulin tolerance

What makes noni extract great for the liver and stomach?
Noni can normalise liver function, serum ALT, and AST activity. It also aids in esophageal reflux and reduces acute gastric lesions.

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