• Papaya leaves powder-carica pappaya

Papaya leaves powder-carica pappaya

Carica Papaya, also known as 'pawpaw,' is a herbaceous plant that belongs to the Caricaceae family. This plant is a native plant to the tropics of America. These plants are also found and cultivated in the world's tropical regions. This plant is known for its melon-like fruit. The different parts of the plant are used to treat various human and veterinary diseases in many parts of the world. The papaya powder leaves powder is used to treat patients suffering from the symptoms of dengue fever. The papaya tree leaves are rich in compounds that have antioxidant properties like flavonoids and vitamin E. 
The powder of the papaya leaves is beneficial to humans in curing diseases like dengue but is also helpful to skin and hair.

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Description of Papaya powder leaves:

  • The papaya leaves are rich in protein dissolving protein called papain that is used as exfoliating, which removes the dead skin, reduces the ingrown hair acne, and helps reduce clogged pores.
  • Papaya leaves are rich in antioxidants such as vitamin E, which improves hair growth. The papaya leaves have shown antifungal properties that help reduce dandruff.
  • The papaya leaves are also rich in anti-inflammatory compounds and help reduce inflammation and swell in the case of arthritis. 
  • Papaya leaves powder is well known for its fibers that help support a healthy digestive system.
  • The papaya leaves extracts can protect the insulin-producing cells from damage and are often used to treat diabetes and improve blood sugar.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can the papaya leaves powder be used?
The papaya leaf extracts are commonly used in Mexican folk medicine. It is often used as natural therapy and helps treat diabetes and other diseases. It is proven to be beneficial for skin and hair.
How can the papaya leaf powder be used?
The papaya leaf powder can be applied to the face for healthy skin or can be used as a mask in the hair to promote hair growth. It is also used as a juice or in the form of powder to help treat the symptoms of dengue.
How to use papaya leaf powder?
Papaya leaves powder can also be used to build immunity. After your meals, you can take 1-2 grams of papaya leaves powder with honey. It can be consumed as juice.
Can papaya leaf powder cure dengue?
Papaya leaves powder is widely used in curing the symptoms of dengue fever. It helps in boosting the number of platelets. However, you will still require medicines.

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