• Organic gymnema powder- gymnema sylvestre

Organic gymnema powder- gymnema sylvestre

Perfect formulation for varied issues

Herbanic India's ORGANIC GYMNEMA POWDER is derived using a plant that is found commonly in central and western India or Africa. The herb also helps to reduce the indulgence and temptation of sugar. It is quite popular in controlling sugar cravings.
The gurmar powder is also called madhunashini powder which asserts its hypoglycemic properties. Thus, it aids in the effective management of healthy blood sugar and lipid levels. The same is also used as an astringent and hepatic stimulant. It also aids in maintaining the metabolic activities of organs like the liver, spleen and kidneys.

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Description of the benefits of the Herbanic India's ORGANIC GYMNEMA POWDER

  • This Herbanic India's powder is derived from a woody shrub that is native to India, Africa and Australia.
  • The leaves have been used in ancient medical practices especially by Ayurveda for many years.
  • It has also been a traditional remedy for ailments like - 
  • Diabetes
  • Malaria
  • Snakebites, etc.
  • The most frequent use has been to inhibit sugar absorption and is widely popular in Western medicine. Thus it is known for its ability to help sufferers of type I and II diabetes.
  •  It also aids in controlling - sugar cravings, weight reduction, homeostasis, pancreatic regeneration, etc.
  • This powerful herb has phytochemicals like Gurmarin - a substance that modifies the ability to recognise and perceive flavours.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Herbanic India's ORGANIC GYMNEMA POWDER useful for diabetics?
The product is ideal for protecting the health of diabetes patients. 
The powerful herb itself has Gurmarin which modifies the ability to perceive sweet and sour taste.
Studies reveal that the atomic arrangement of the herb blocks the sugar receptors. Therefore, if you intake subsequent doses of sugar then these buds are not stimulated.
The gymnemic acid is a complex compound that resembles glucose and blocks the absorption of sugar by the body. Hence, it lowers blood sugar levels after meals.
The product can increase the production of insulin, glucose utilisation and regenerate islet beta cells. 
How does it aid in weight management?
The extract offers a two-pronged attack against obesity. Ayurveda terms it as a sugar destroyer. It controls the absorption of sugar through the taste buds and intestinal walls.
Gymnemic acid reacts on the gut and helps to maintain ideal sugar levels.  It also stops the utilisation of sugar by controlling the availability of carbohydrates in the gut. By supporting the natural and healthy production of insulin, it helps to balance the overall sugar circulation. This forces the body to burn its fat reserves. 
The herb is also a mild diuretic that further aids in weight management.

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