• Manjistha extract-rubia cordifolia

Manjistha extract-rubia cordifolia

Blood Detoxifier Supplement

Manjistha herb also known as Rubia Cordifolia or Indian madder has long been used in the Ayurveda medicinal world. There are several health benefits that are associated with the name of the Manjistha natural herb which makes it one of the most blessed herbs in Ayurveda. The effect of this herb is majorly known for its blood purifying abilities, skin complexion enhancing effect, healing wounds, and stimulating liver functions. In Herbanic India, you will get to buy 100% pure and certified Manjistha extract in the most natural form. It is a rejuvenating supplement that contains potent blood detoxifying properties to aid several medical and skin disorders

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Description Of Herbanic India Manjistha Extract
Manjistha extract is one of the effective blood purifier supplements that can treat many health problems.

  • It is an herbal solution for most liver problems as it has hepaprotective and hepatostimulative properties. With these herbal properties, the extract of Manjistha can purify and detoxify the liver.
  • Manjistha is known to have an astringent effect that makes it work as a skin care herb and can improve the skin complexion.
  • Manjistha’s antibacterial and antidiarrheal effects can treat the bacterial causing diseases, including diarrhea and other intestinal functions.
  • The moderate dose of Manjistha inhibits the formation of acid and can prevent stomach problems like indigestion, constipation, ulcers, and gastritis.
  • Manjistha extract includes several essential bioactive compounds that can treat stones in the kidney and other kidney disorders.

Frequently Asked Questions
What Are The Main Uses Of Manjistha Extract
Manjistha Extract is best known for its blood purifying herbal effects which can also treat skin-related problems. It contains methanolic which makes the herbal Manjistha extract work as a skin whitening and nourishing supplement.
Can You Take It Regularly?
Consuming the Manjistha extract regularly can help you get rid of many health problems and it is very healthy for diabetic patients as it helps them in lowering their blood glucose levels.
How Long Manjistha Extract Take To Show Its Effect?
With the moderate dosage of Manjistha extracts regularly, you can expect to see the result after one week.

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