• Kasni extract- chicory

Kasni extract- chicory

Nutrient-Rich Herbal Supplement
Kasni or Chicory is a perennial plant that belongs to the family of Asteraceae. It has high nutritional value that is useful for curing and preventing several medical conditions. For preparing the herbal extract of Kasni, we at Herbanic India collect and dried up the fresh roots of Kasni plants to maintain the richness of its nutrients. Our offered Kasni extract work as a medicinal supplement that can be potentially used as a detoxifying, diuretic, laxative, and liver tonic to cure chronic health conditions.

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Description Of Herbanic India Kasni Extract
Kasni extract is a rich source of essential nutrients such as vitamins, iron, zinc, magnesium, potassium, and calcium. The herbal supplement of the Herbanic India Kasni extract is a storehouse of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help in promoting good health.

  • It is an herbal laxative-rich remedy that can treat constipation by improving bowel movements.
  • Kasni extract has insulin present in it that helps in reducing the bad cholesterol level and controlling the increased blood pressure.
  • The anti-inflammatory effects of Kasni extract help you get rid of intolerable pain and inflammation caused due to osteoarthritis.
  • Kasni extract has the goodness of diuretic properties that can help your body get rid of harmful toxins that are stored in the liver and kidney and prevent severe diseases.
Frequently Asked Questions

Who Must Take Kasni Extract?
Any individual suffering from liver, kidney digestion, or inflammation problems can get this herbal remedy for permanent relief.
Which Nutrients Are Present In Kasni?
Kasni plant is a natural source of dietary fiber along with several healthy nutrients, including calcium, iron, carbohydrates, Vitamin A, and potassium- that can cure and treat severe health problems.
How Kasni Help To Recover The Kidney Problem?
Kasni has potential anti-hyperuricemia properties that help in removing the harmful toxins stored in the kidney and enable the passing of urine to prevent kidney problems.
Can You Take Kasni Extract Regularly?
Yes, you can take a tablespoon of Kasni two times a day to absorb the nutrients that are present in it.

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