• Organic indigo powder- indigofera tinctoria

Organic indigo powder- indigofera tinctoria

Naturally derived from the herbal leaves of the nutrient-rich Indigo plant, Herbanic India organic Indigo powder is an effective remedy for treating baldness and premature hair greying problems. Applying this herbal powder can keep your hair scalp healthy and treat infections that are related to hair and scalp. One can also use this herbal hair care remedy to get rid of dandruff and make the hair shinier and silkier. Indigo powder contains essential properties and nutrients that make it an essential hair care treatment.

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Description Of Herbanic India Organic Indigo Powder
Herbanic India Organic Indigo powder is a safe and effective alternative for chemical hair products and solutions. This powder has hair growth stimulating properties that can help one get longer and voluminous hair. It is an ideal remedy for both hair dyeing and hair care treatment. It is completely natural and free from chemical powder and doesn’t cause harm to your natural hair.
Indigo powder is proven to be a healthy remedy for the scalp and treats hair problems like itching and dandruff.
The natural black color of Indigo can make your hair look natural and restore the moisture of your hair.
The organic powder of Indigo supply essential nutrients to hair roots and scalp and boost the natural growth of hair.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is The Indigo Powder Safe For Your Natural Hair
Indigo powder is free from chemicals, PPD, heavy metals, synthetic fertilizers, or any kind of additives, thus, it is 100% safe and herbal for your natural hair. Also, its use never affects the quality and growth of your natural hair.
Is Indigo Powder Safe For Skin?
Like hair, it is safe for hair scalp, and skin also. The Organic Indigo powder is a sustainably sourced dye that causes no harm.

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  • Guarantee 100 % pure , without adultration
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