• Zeaxanthin extract- tagetes erecta l

Zeaxanthin extract- tagetes erecta l

Perfect formulation for varied issues

Herbanic India's extract is a carotenoid that is considered crucial for protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of oxidative damage and light induced damages. The extract is derived from natural sources like green vegetables, oranges, etc.
When combined with lutein, the extract works as a natural sunscreen. It safeguards your vision from blue light of sun and computers.
Although there are sufficient amounts of this element present naturally in the macula yet it doesn't replenish itself after a certain age.

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Description of the benefits of the Herbanic India's ZEAXANTHIN EXTRACT

  • Herbanic India's extract has been noted to significantly increase the visual performance. This is quite important to reverse age-related issues. 
  • It helps to improve contrast sensitivity and thus you can discern between various objects. 
  • The same helps in improving glare recovery.  Thus, you are saved from temporary blindness.
  • It also helps to control vision loss due to genetics, dietary issues and smoking.
  • It also saves the eyes from cataract and clouding of the eyes. When combined with lutein, it slows the process considerably.
  • Uveitis is an inflammation of the eyes. This can be controlled using the above extract.
  • The product is also useful to treat diabetic retinopathy. The same controls the extent of damage to the blood vessels in the retina by overcoming oxidative damages.


Frequently Asked Questions

How is Herbanic India's ZEAXANTHIN EXTRACT useful for your eye health?
Lutein and zeaxanthin are ideal for protecting your eyes. The same can help to keep your eyes safe against harmful high energy light waves especially those emitted by UV light or devices. Studies also suggest this to be used to improve vision especially in dim light.

What makes the extract so useful?
Zeaxanthin is a form of carotenoid molecule. It is found naturally in human eyes and contains potent antioxidant. This reduces the damage caused by age-related issues, macular degeneration and cataract.
Further, there are no known side-effects of the Extract. However, those with extremely sensitive skin may develop a yellow coloration after exceeding its maximum dose. 
Thus, an ideal dose is 10 mg for adults.
What is the difference between lutein and zeaxanthin?

Lutein is a common carotenoid derived from veggies while zeaxanthin extract is derived in minutest quantities from best fruits.

The dosages must be taken at mealtime as the same is absorbed quickly when ingested in small amounts.
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