• Tulsi extract- ocimum sanctum

Tulsi extract- ocimum sanctum

A Complete Therapeutic herbal formulation

TULSI Extract or Ocimum sanctum is a formula derived from the holy plant of Tulsi that has extensive spiritual significance and medicinal properties. Thus, Ayurveda practitioners often term it as Mother medicine of the nature and the Queen of herbs.
Tulsi is also beneficial for relieving the symptoms of cold and cough. It has extensive - 

  • Antimicrobial properties
  • Antiallergic benefits
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits
  • Antitussive or cough controlling

TULSI Extract has been used since time immemorial by Indian households for improving the immune system, reducing stress, etc. It also helps to control asthama symptoms through the Kapha balancing properties. Tulsi is similarly useful in handling ringworm infections. Using extract on inflammation can also give the best results.

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Description of Herbanic India's TULSI Extract

  • Herbanic India's extract is sourced from the best quality tulsi plants that can help you to attain incredible benefits for your body, mental health and spirit. 
  • It is also one of the best adaptogenic herbs that helps your body to cope with stress, achieve mental clarity and aid in rejuvenation.
  • It allows you to support lung health by removing Kapha buildup inside the area. It also promotes healthy breathing and unobstructed lungs.
  • It aids in promoting a healthy circulatory system. The extract works on the plasma tissue and its rasa dhatu capacity encourages a healthy heart health.
  • Tulsi extract helps in attaining ideal weight management. This helps to promote a healthy weight management through its effect on meda dhatu or the adipose tissue layer.
  • It helps you to maintain a normal body temperature. Its prabhava is immense and ideal for maintaining a healthy body health
  • It also aids in balancing the dosha especially Vata and Kapha. It also balances the excess of these elements in the brain, nervous system, etc.
  • It also helps to soothe the digestive system.
  • Tulsi has a pungent taste yet delivers a heating virya that in turn boosts the energetic effect.
  • It further has a pungent vipaka that brings healthy digestion and acts against excess pitta.
  • Apart from the benefits of Tulsi extract to physical health, it also helps to promote a healthy mind and spirit.

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes tulsi extract so special?
Tulsi is called as an incomparable one by Vedic puranas that is used in daily worship and weddings. The same finds use in Christian legends and Greeks use it to prepare holy water.
It can increase ojas and prana. It thus brings joy, vigor and healthy immune system while prana helps to bring boost in intelligence, communication, perception, etc.

Can Herbanic India's TULSI Extract be taken for common cold?
The product brings positive results through its  Antimicrobial, Antiallergic and Anti-inflammatory benefits.
It also prevents the inflammation of nasal membrane and thus relief against common cold. It also is an antipyretic and diaphoretic that induces sweating and thus reduces fever.

  • Chemical Makers
  • Regular quality controls
  • Guarantee 100 % pure , without adultration
  • Organic Quality Available

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