• Pippali extract- piper longum

Pippali extract- piper longum

A boon for your digestive system

PIPER LONGUM, called PIPPALI, is a widely used ingredient of major Ayurvedic treatment plans. It is one of the major Rasayana for asthma patients. The extract forms the part of Trikatu that is used to handle digestive issues. It is important for those with pitta imbalances.
Although Pippali is a culinary spice, it is widely known for its spicy taste and digestive health. The extract is combined with other elements to increase bioavailability.

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Description of Herbanic India's PIPPALI Extract

  • The extract from Herbanic India is the ideal heating and penetrative substance that stimulates Agni. Hence, you are relieved from abdominal issues, aggravation of pitta, etc.
  • The extract is valued for its positive impact on immunity, anti-aging, and bone health.
  • The Herbanic India's formulation also promotes -
  • Healthy digestion,
  • Boosts reproductive health,
  • Healthy liver
  • Rejuvenates the lungs and respiratory system
  • Removes cold Kapha from lungs
  • Treatment options for asthma and diabetes, etc.
  • It has strong anti-aging and aphrodisiac properties.
  • Ayurveda also recommends the extract as a good antiviral and antifungal agent.
  • The product detoxifies the human body and stimulates it to remove AMA toxins. It controls hunger pangs, digestive issues, cholesterol levels, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Herbanic India's PIPPALI extract good for people with diabetes?
Herbanic India's all-natural powder is known for controlling blood sugar levels. By taking the extract in recommended doses, you can increase insulin production. It lowers the breakdown of starch and lowers blood glucose levels.

How can the PIPPALI extract be used for menstrual health?
In the premenstrual stage, the hormones and PMS can wreak havoc. You may end up facing mood swings, stomach cramps, etc.
Herbanic India's special formula manages the heavy menstrual flow, combating cramps, handling digestive issues, inducing contractions, improving healing, etc.

Can the PIPPALI extract treat digestive issues?

The extract has great carminative properties. Ayurveda recommends these to handle digestive woes. Its potent formula helps to -

  • Reduce the formation of gas
  • Reducing flatulence
  • Overcoming bloating, constipation, etc.
  • Act as an antacid
  • Removes excessive acids to handle ulcers, gastritis, etc.
  • Promotes absorption of nutrients

Is the extract safe for men and women?

The extract is organic and natural and helps to remove the problems from the body. It is a powerful aphrodisiac, improves mental well-being, stimulates hormones, etc. It is also known to increase virility and stamina while overcoming erectile dysfunction.

The formula is also effective against doshas and has Ushna Virya, Madhura Vipaka, Laghu, and Tikshna gunas. Thus, it helps to aggravate pitta dosha and balance Kapha and Vata issues.
  • Chemical Makers
  • Regular quality controls
  • Guarantee 100 % pure , without adultration
  • Organic Quality Available

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