• Organic amla extract- emblica officinalis

Organic amla extract- emblica officinalis

Powerhouse Of Rich Nutrients
Herbanic India presents 100% pure and organic Amla extract, is a powerhouse of essential nutrients, including Vitamin C that boosts the immune system and prevents chronic ailments. It is a nature-empowered therapeutic herb that can treat the root cause of many diseases. In Herbanic India, you’ll get lab-certified Amla extract as we have sourced it from the finest quality standard. You can use our nutrient-rich Amla extract in your routine to get its most medicinal benefits for a healthy life. 

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Descriptions Of Herbanic India Organic Amla Extract
Herbanic India is a renowned organic Amla extract manufacturer, committed to providing 100% organic amla produce. Our offered amla extract will work as a natural rejuvenating agent that helps in nourishing the tissues and eliminates harmful toxins from the body. The organic extract of Herbanic India Amla is a nature-potent product for hair and skin. It has much-needed iron, fatty acids, and carotene content which boost hair growth, prevent dandruff and, and strengthen hair follicles.

Amla is considered an Ayurvedic blessed potent food that works wonders for hair, skin, and overall health. Herbanic India offered organic amla extract that is highly nutritious and associated with plenty of health benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Goodness Of Amla Extract?
Amla extract has the goodness of antioxidants, high concentration of Vitamin C, and anti-aging properties which build immunity, prevent constipation, improve the vision of eyesight, treat hair and skin problems.

How Amla Extract Can Improve Your Memory?
Amla has phytonutrients, Vitamin C, and antioxidants which can improve brain function and reduce the free radicals from the brain cells.

Is Amla A Healthy Remedy For Blood Pressure?
Amla has a high concentration of Vitamin C which is considered an ideal nutrient for reducing the increased level of cholesterol. Adding a half teaspoon of Amla extract can work wonders in controlling the blood pressure level. If you follow this routine every morning, you can keep your blood pressure in a normal state and prevent other diseases too.

Is Amla Extract Safe To Consume?
Yes, Amla is considered a safe & effective antidote for several health problems including diabetes. When taken in a limited proportion, the nutrients of Amla extract can provide you relief from several health conditions. You can use it topically or consume it as it has no side effects.

How To Take The Amla Extract To Reap Its Healthful Benefits?
In the morning time, you need to take about 1 teaspoon of Herbanic India 100% pure Amla extract with lukewarm water. 

Bitter is always better for life. Incorporating the quality-grade Ayurveda extraction process, we have made the most out of the Amla and processed it into a high-quality food supplement for good health and skin. Treat your ailments with Herbanic India organic processed amla extract.

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