• Betacarotine extract – tetraterpenoids

Betacarotine extract – tetraterpenoids

Natural Source Of Vitamins
Betacarotine is a 100% natural & pure antioxidant & carotenoid substance. The nutrients of Beatacarotine herbal extract have an abundance of Vitamin A (retinol) which is essential for living a healthy life. As a rich source of Vitamin A and anti-oxidant properties, Betacarotine extract is considered a safe and herbal remedy for good eye health, a strong immune system, healthy skin, and mucous membranes. Taking the moderate proportion of Herbanic India offered 100% organic Betacarotine extract with the consultation of your healthcare doctor, you can give your body 100% natural Vitamin A. Betacarotene extract of Herbanic India is a lab-approved natural source of Vitamin A.

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Descriptions Of Herbanic India Betacarotine Extract
The Betacarotine extract anti-oxidant components help in protecting skin against harmful UV rays and prevent premature skin aging. To maintain healthy body organs, Betacarotine is the secret herbal remedy that will maintain the functioning of your eye, heart, and lungs.

  • The nutrients of Betacarotine helps in the formation of Vitamin A directly into the body which is a great source for maintaining healthy eyes and skin.


  • The regular dosage of Betacarotine prevents the risk of cardiovascular, atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease.
  • The dietary intake of the Herbanic India Betacarotine extract prevents the growth of cancer cells in the body due to its antioxidant properties.


  • The intake of Betacarotine helps in preventing breathing disorders like asthma bronchitis and increases lung capacity.
  • The natural composition and presence of essential Vitamins in Betacarotine also help in strengthening the immune system by activating the thymus gland which boosts your immune system against infections and viruses.


Looking at all the benefits of Betacarotine extract, it becomes imperative to include its dose in a moderate proportion every day.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do The Nutrients Of Betacarotine Extract Does For Your Health?
Betacrotine is a natural precursor to Vitamin A which is an essential nutrient for maintaining a healthy human body. In the body, the herbal extract of Betacarotine converts automatically into Vitamin A as retinol which works wonders for our eye health, skin, and overall health.

How Does Betacarotine Extract Provide Vitamin A To our Body?
The herbal extract of Betacarotine gets stored in our liver and body fat, and gradually making into a form of Vitamin A, i.e. retinal.

What Does The Betacarotine Do To Your Skin?
The antioxidant effects of Betacarotine extract protect the skin against UV harmful radiation and maintain healthy skin. It works as an herbal skincare remedy and keeps your skin moisturized against all odds.

Is It Safe To Take Betacarotine Every Day?
It is 100% safe to take the Betacarotine extract while following a healthy meal plan. The regular dosage helps the body to absorb Vitamin A from the Betacarotine extract.

When One Must Consider The Intake Of Betacarotine Extract?
The symptoms that demand the intake of Vitamin A present in Betacarotine extract are dry eyes, dry skin, night blindness, fertility issues, improper growth of children, infections in the throat and chest. In general, the herbal extract of Betacarotine works effectively when there is a deficiency in Vitamin A.

Those who have a deficiency in Vitamin A or suffering majorly from eye or skin problems can get the most out of the Herbanic India Betacarotine Extract. With the right diet and regular dosage of Betacarotine extract, fixing the Vitamin A deficiency will no longer be difficult.

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