Banaba extract - lagerstroemia speciosa

Herbal remedy against diabetes and blood sugar level
Banaba is considered the best herbal remedy to control the increased level of diabetes and blood sugar. It is a natural source of corosolic acid that helps in regulating the glucose level in the blood cells and prevent inflammation-related health problems as well. The organic processing of the Herbanic India Banaba extract is a natural remedy that has been extracted from the leaves of Banaba (Lagerstroemia Speciosa) to get the most out of this 100% pure herb for treating several health-related problems. The natural extract of Banaba also contains ellagitannins, which are known to have antioxidant effects for treating many ailments.

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Description Of Herbanic India Banaba Extract
Banaba is an herbal plant that is blessed with several medicinal properties to treat many health conditions. The Banaba extract by Herbanic India is rich in ellagitannins with hypoglycemic effects to reduce the blood pressure level in the body.

  • Corosolic acid present in the Banaba leaves reduces the blood sugar levels by increasing the insulin dose, enhancing glucose uptake, and inhibiting alpha-glucosidase that will digest the excessive carbs.
  • Banaba extract supplements reduce the glycemic, prognosis, and the need for insulin therapy to control diabetes.
  • Banaba is an herbal remedy for preventing the growth of fatty cells in the body.
  • Being a rich source of corosolic acid, Banaba extract reduces inflammation by preventing the formation of arachidonic acid.
  • The herbal extract of Banafa leaves has the potential to neutralize the effect of free radicals due to the high content of antioxidants like phenols, flavonoids, cytosolic, gallic, and ellagic acids.

The benefits of the regular intake of the Herbanic India Banaba extract are promising when it comes to health. The regular dosage of Banaba nutrients into the body in a moderate proportion helps in eliminating all those factors that are related to the development of diabetes, cholesterol, and increase blood sugar levels. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Banaba Extract Good For?
The 100% pure extract of Banaba helps treat many health conditions, including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and urinary tract infections. By keeping the blood sugar and pressure level in the normal range, banaba nutrients also promote a healthy weight loss in individuals who have gained excessive weight due to increased blood sugar levels.

Which Nutrients Present In Banaba Extract?
Banaba extract by Herbanic India is rich in several active nutrients, including corosolic acid, tannins, and Lagerstroemia that help in controlling the increased blood sugar level and insulin in the body.

How Does It Work?
It works like insulin to lower the blood pressure level and increase glucose uptake in the body.

Is Banaba Is Safe?
Yes, Banaba is a 100% safe and natural remedy with no side effects. Herbanic India offered 100% natural Banaba extract has been tested for its ability to lower blood sugar levels and provide antioxidant and anti-obesity activity. Also, the Banaba extract is free from added preservatives and chemicals.

Apart from controlling these health problems, the constituents of organic-processed Banaba extract are also working as an effective supplement for promoting weight loss. Also, the hypoglycemic effect of Banaba herbal extract induces a moderate proportion of glucose to move into the body cells. People with type II diabetes have found the regular consumption of herbal banaba extract effective as it can reduce blood sugar levels and maintain the control of blood sugar fluctuations.

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