Ashoka extract- saraca asoca

Herbanic India Ashoka Extract is a nature-potent product that is certified to offer many health benefits to the body. Ashoka, also called Saraca Asoca, is a rainforest tree that has been long used in making Ayurvedic medicines. Owing to the nutrition-rich benefits of the Ashoka tree bark and leaves, our offered Ashoka extract work as an Ayurvedic healing agent and treat the problems related to the woman's menstrual cycle and abdominal pain. The Ayurvedic properties of the Ashoka extract make it work as a uterine stimulant and increase contractions of the uterine.

Be it intolerable cramps, heavy flow, or irregular periods, Herbanic India Ashoka extract is an all-in-one herbal remedy for gynecological and menstrual problems. The regular consumption of the Ashoka extract also works wonders in treating piles, bloating, and heavy bleeding problems. The consumption of the Ashoka extract has been advised to soothe the nerves and promote healthy ovary and endometrial tissue. 

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Descriptions Of Herbanic India Ashoka Extract

  • The herbal components of Ashoka extract work together as an Ayurvedic remedy to support the reproductive health of both men and women. 
  • Ashoka components have analgesic properties which make it act as an herbal pain-relieving remedy to reduce joint pain, foot pain, and back pain.
  • The components extracted from the leaves of the Ashoka (Saraca Asoca) tree exfoliate and reduce harmful toxins from the skin.
  • The Ashoka extract is also rich in anti-inflammatory properties which can treat piles and reduce bloating.

Frequently Asked Questions?
What Is Ashoka Herb?
Ashoka is an Ayurveda blessed, rainforest tree and is known for its homeopathic properties. Every part of this potent tree has several health benefits which make it enter the Ayurveda traditional medicine world.

What Essential Nutrients Does Ashoka Extract Contain?
Ashoka extract is the hub of many nutrients, including tannins, and glycoside that are essential for a healthy and disease-free life. The compounds present in Ashoka extract are also rich in carbon, iron and the bark of the Ashoka tree is rich in Ketosterol. All the nutrients make Ashoka extract an herbal remedy to treat health disorders, particularly women’s problems.  

What Is The Key Use Of Ashoka Extract?
The best use of the herbal Ashoka extract is found in Ayurveda as a uterine tonic. It has the property that helps in improving the function of the uterine, reduces muscle contractions, and strengthens the uterus.

What Benefits One Can Get With The Regular Intake Of Herbal Ashoka Extract?
The herbal Ashoka extract is an all-in-one remedy for treating several health problems, including acne, diarrhea, diabetes, piles, inflammation, kidney stones, and asthma. Of many benefits, the components of Ashoka bark and leaves work wonders in treating gynecological and menstrual problems in women like irregular period cycles, stomach swelling, abdominal pain, cysts, and other related issues.

Is Ashoka Extract Is Good For Face?
Yes, it has an anti-oxidant property that helps in improving the skin tone of any gender with no side effects. 

How Does The Herbal Components Of Ashoka Extract Help A Woman?
The extract has Phytoestrogens which not only improve the skin tone but also the reproductive health of a woman. The regular consumption of the Ashoka extract with lukewarm water helps in controlling the blood flow during the periods and regularizes the menstruation cycle as well.

Who Can Get The Most Benefit From The Ashoka Extract?
The herbal properties of Ashoka extract are ideal for any woman suffering from reproductive or menstrual disorders. Also, a person suffering from piles can get the benefit from the astringent property of Ashoka herb.

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