Gymnema extract- gymnema sylvestre extract

Herbal Destroyer Of Sugar

Gymnema is a trusted name in the traditional Ayurvedic medicine world due to its richness in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is the leave of the Gymnema wood climbing shrub that possesses several essential nutrients to prevent diseases and treat ailments like diabetes and malaria. It has been an herbal supplement to inhibit the absorption of sugar and regulate the healthy cholesterol level. Herbanic India Gymnema Extract has the goodness of essential nutrients which potentially suppress one’s desire for eating sweetness-possess food and balance the healthy blood sugar level. Our Gymnema extract is an Ayurveda-rich supplement for controlling sugar levels.

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Description Of Herbanic India Gymnema Extract
Gymnema extract has the goodness of an active component like gymnemic acid which reduces your craving for eating sweetness-rich food. The regular consumption of Gymnema extract helps in intaking the trait of gymnemic acid that blocks the sugar receptors on your tastebuds while decreasing the ability to taste sweetness. To reduce your craving for eating desserts or sweets, Gymnema extract is a herbal supplement that cure and prevent the risk of diabetes.

  • Gymnema extract is rich in anti-diabetic properties that will reduce your blood sugar levels by eliminating your craving for tasting sweet food.
  • The anti-diabetic properties of Gymnema extract help in stimulating the insulin level by regulating the production of insulin.
  • Gymnema has the essential ingredients that can reduce the LDL cholesterol level and prevent the risk of heart problems.
  • The regular intake of Herbanic India Gymnema extract can aid in weight loss and prevent excessive weight gain by preventing the intake of fat-promoting calories.
  • With the existence of saponin and tannin content in Gymnema content, there is no inflammation one can ever experience in the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Uses Of Gymnema Extract?
The most important use of Gymnema extract is its anti-diabetic potent which helps in lowering the blood sugar level. For people who are suffering from diabetes, the regular consumption of Gymnema extract is a blessing for them.
Can Gymnema extract be a successful remedy to prevent sugar cravings?
Yes, Gymnema has made its name as a destroyer of sugar as it helps in reducing as well as preventing the cravings for eating sweetness-rich food like dessert or ice cream.
How Much Gymnema Extract One Should Consume Every Time?
To prevent sugar craving, it is ideal to consume a tablespoon of Gymnema extract twice a day with lukewarm water. After 5-6 weeks of regular consumption of Gymnema extract, one can witness its effect and find a significant reduction in blood sugar levels.
Is There Any Harm Of Gymnema Extract?
Gymnema Extract doesn’t cause harm when absorbed in a limited absorption.

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