• Erandmool extract-ricinus communis

Erandmool extract-ricinus communis

One-Stop Herbal Solution For Digestion

Herbanic India Erandmool extract is an Ayurvedic remedy that helps in treating digestive problems. It is an herbal remedy that works effectively against all kinds of Vata disorders. Being called an essential supplement in Ayurveda, the herbal extract of Erandmool helps in stimulating the lactation process and provides relief from joint pain. Organically produce under controlled and safe environment, our offered Erandmool extract has been certified for its quality effects and anti-oxidant properties that help in managing several health problems.

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Description Of Herbanic India Erandmool Extract
Every part of the Erandmool plant from its roots, seeds to leaves has the goodness of several rich nutrients that work together to provide us a healthy and fit life. Being a rich source of castor, our offered Erandmool extract can help overcome several health-related problems.

The antioxidant properties of Erandmool herbal extract can treat gastrointestinal ulcers and provide relief from sciatica pain and constipation as well.
Erandmool is also effective in reducing swelling and healing wounds as it inhibits the oxidation effect of free radicals in body cells.
The herbal extract of Erandmool also helps in reducing the production of bile in case of jaundice and ensures proper digestion in the stomach.

Herbanic India offered Erandmool extract is a rich source of obtaining a healthy stomach with no digestion problem. The regular consumption of Erandmool extract helps in improving digestion while resolving many other health problems.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Dose Of Erandmool Extract Is Recommended?
Having the 20g-30g of Herbanic India Erandmool with warm water is enough to experience its quick result. For the best result, it is ideal that you take its dose twice a day after having your regular meal. Within 6 weeks you can experience the result with good digestion.
Is It Safe To Take Erandmool Every Day?
Yes, the anti-inflammatory properties of Erandmool help you reap most of its herbal benefits and improve your digestive system too.

What One Must Take The Dose Of Erandmool Extract?
If you are constantly suffering from digestion problems, it is the direct indication for the regular consumption of erandmool extract with warm water. It is an effective aid for improving digestion.

Is The Natural Extract Of Erandmool Effective In Reducing Sciatica Pain?
Erandmool extract has inflammatory properties which trigger the area where the sciatica attacks and with regular medication of Erandmool, it reduces the pain.

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