• Astaxanthin extract- haematococcus pluvialis

Astaxanthin extract- haematococcus pluvialis

Astaxanthin is one of nature’s most potent antioxidants and keto carotenoid compounds, which is taken from algae. Due to the antioxidant properties of Astaxanthin, it has found various applications, specifically in cosmetics, dietary supplements, and coloring food. The organic produce of Herbanic India Astaxanthin Extract is a high source of photoprotective, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory effects which are ideal for rejuvenating the skin. 

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Description Of Herbanic India Astaxanthin Extract?
Astaxanthin being a nature’s derived keto-carotenoid, is popularly known as a super-antioxidant that works effectively against several ailments. 

  • Nature’s ingested component of Astaxanthin helps the immune system to fight against viruses by increasing the amount of immunoglobulin in the body.
  • The herbal extract of Astaxanthin protects the skin against harmful UV rays when ingested or used topically. 
  • Astaxanthin extract works best on neutralizing free radical damage, calming skin inflammation, and warding off the wrinkles from the skin. When used topically, the components of Astaxanthin promote healthier and naturally glowing skin.
  • Astaxanthin extract has an abundance of antioxidant properties which help in eliminating the excess of lactic acid from the muscles and enable our bodyto gradually recover from stiffness and soreness without taking any chemical-possess supplement. 
  • Herbanic India Astaxanthin extract is a certified product for reducing the symptoms of eye fatigue.
  • Daily supplementation of organically processed Herbanic India Axtaxanthin extract has been scientifically tested to lower oxidative stress and keep your heart in good shape.

Frequently Asked Questions
Is It Worth Taking The Herbal Astaxanthin Extract?
The nutritional value and antioxidant property of Astaxanthin extract make it act as an herbal agent for treating skin issues, supporting good heart health, and building up our immune system.
How Do Astaxanthin Extract Helps Our Skin?
The powerhouse natural ingredients of Astaxanthin extract can do great wonders for the skin. The extract of Astaxanthin can help the skin recover from sunburns, reduce fine lines and prevent wrinkles. Apart from skin rejuvenation, there are many ways you can find the Herbanic India Astaxanthin Extract useful that ultimately helps in making your life better and healthier. Regular oral and topical supplementation with Astaxanthin Extract can help in improving skin texture and elasticity and also reduce aging.

Is It Safe To Take Astaxanthin Regularly?
Yes, it is safe when taken in a moderate amount as a supplement. With the regular use of this powerful supplement, you can expect to get a healthy and disease-free life.

Does Astaxanthin Extract Benefit Our Eyes?
Yes, Carotenoids and antioxidant properties of organically-produced Axtaxanthin extract prevent dry eyes, reduce eye strain and fatigue.

What Are The Best Uses Of Astaxanthin Extract
It can be used as a dietary supplement.

When You Must Take Astaxanthin Extract
If you’re suffering from issues like Alzheimer’s, skin aging, soreness of muscle, and other related health problems.

How You Should Take Astaxanthin Extract?
The best way to get the most of the nutritional value of Astaxanthin Extract is to take it orally with a fat-rich meal.

From raw material to end product of extract, we walk the extra miles to ensure that our microalgae-derived organic Astaxanthin extract is produced naturally. Our process of extraction is 100% organic and eco-friendly, so you can get close to nature with no side effects.


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