• Nagarmotha powder-cyperus rotundus

Nagarmotha powder-cyperus rotundus

Cyperus Rotundus, also known as Nut Grass, is a sedge species. This species is native to Southern Asia, Southern Europe, Africa, and Central Europe. The other common names of this plant are- coco-grass, Java grass, red nutsedge, purple net sedge, Khmer Kravanh chruk. This plant is a possible sedative and is mainly recognized as the world’s worst weed. It has several other benefits as well. It is used in culinary spices and is mostly known for its fragrance. It is used to make incense sticks and perfumes. Its use as a digestive aid and medicine in Ayurveda is also well-known. Nagarmotha is used in various forms, such as in powder form, in the form of a paste, or in the form of oil. It also has astringent properties and is used with a mixture of coconut oil to help stop bleeding. 

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Description of Nagarmotha Powder-

  • Nagarmotha powder has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a very long time due to its appetizer and digestive properties. It is beneficial in treating digestive fire and improving digestion.
  • The powder of Nagarmotha is very helpful in curing and managing indigestion.
  • It is also very helpful in improving and curing Diarrhea.
  • Nagarmotha is very helpful in reducing fat as well by improving digestion, better absorption of food, and reduction of excess fat in the body. Thus this powder helps in the removal of obesity in any people.
  • It also helps in reducing fever and its symptoms.
  • It helps in controlling the symptoms of various skin diseases such as eczema. It can be applied to the infected parts.
  • It helps in improving the skin tone of people and is beneficial for the skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

In what forms is Nagarmotha available?
Nagarmotha is available in the following three conditions-

  • Powder or Churna
  • Capsule
  • Oil

How is Nagarmotha powder used for improving Diarrhea?
To control Diarrhea, Nagarmotha powder is taken with lukewarm water. Half a tablespoon of Nagarmotha powder is taken and swallowed with lukewarm water after handling food. It is to be taken twice a day.
What are the uses of Nagarmotha Powder?
The Nagarmotha Powder is used for reducing obesity, curing Diarrhea, indigestion, etc. It is known for its anti-obesity properties and also for its appetizer and digestive properties. It is taken with lukewarm water, which helps in curing all kinds of digestive problems. It is also known for reducing the symptoms of fever. 

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